Bitcoin analyst predicts $100,000; can Bitcoin get there in time?

Peter Brandt has expressed in a Tweet that the price of Bitcoin will reach one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000), and this will be a remarkable thing that will ever happen in any market.

An analyst and technical trader, Peter Brandt, was sceptical about the crypto-market owing to the strong wave of bears, has now changed his stance towards it.

He tweeted that right now there is not a single market like BTC. He elaborated that BTC has jumped into fourth parabolic phase since 2010. He provided details of the facts and figures in his tweet.

His speculation about the BTC price was absolutely right as the price reached three thousand and two hundred dollars ($3,200) in December, from the highest value of twenty thousand dollars ($20,000).

He provided the details to Yahoo Finance and said that if the bears exerted more pressure and the price would not be able to hold above three thousand dollars ($3,000), then it would be depreciated to one thousand and two hundred dollars ($1,200).

But, BTC has strived to regain its lost reputation and has successfully surpassed the resistance of ten thousand dollars ($10,000) and is struggling to surge more.

However, even if it hits one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) at some point in time, it is likely not to happen in 2019 given that Bitcoin is entering crypto-winter in summer.


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