Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Getecurrency.Net Offered Services?
A: Getecurrency is online services that monitors & lists all E-currency Exchangers ,Payment Methods and Forex brokers as well .Our Service is completely
free of charge .

Q: I am the owner of an online e-currency exchanger. How can List my service on Getecurrency.Net ?
A: Simply you need to visit our ( List your Exchanger ) Page , follow mentioned conditions and steps to get listed with us .


Q: Is there any kind of charge to get listed on Getecurrency.Net ?

A: No, we don’t charge exchanges to list their services on GEC only you need to have affiliate programe and maintain other mentioned conditions on List your exchanger page .


Q: How can i list my service in first place on Exchangers section ?

To list your service and sticked it in first place in exchangers section , this is called featured listing ( Please refer to advertising page in thsi regard )


Q :Are all online exchangers Listed on Getecurrency reliable?

A: Despite the fact that we try to check and review each exchanger befor being adding to your service, please note that exchangers,Payment systems and Forex Brokers listed on our services are independent and in no way legally related to Getecurrency.Net . Verification system does not constitute an endorsement of a member or a guarantee of a member’s business practices. You should always consider other indicators when evaluating members, including the users’ reviews, available reserves, status and how long exchanger being in service. As you know the majority of e-currencies are non-refundable .


Q :what can i do if i used exchanger listed on your site and got scammed or my order was not fullfilled well as decriped on exchanger weebsite?

A: Simply you can Open a dispute against this exchanger by visiting Fill Dispute Page ( Cliackable link ) and following all mentioned steps to fill dispute completely .


Q : Is there any charge to open a dispute against exchanger listed on your services ?

A: No , Opening a dispute against any exchangers is free of charge , you only have to comply with mentioned terms and following steps listed on our Fill Dispute ( Clickable Link ) Page.


Q: How Long it takes to receive Feedback from Getecurrency.Net after filling dispute ?

A: w will give you feedback as soon as we received feedback from exchanger , usually within 48 to 72 hrs .

Q: What is “WebMoney BL”?

A: BL (Business Level) is a parameter that payment provider WebMoney assigns to the exchangers that work with WebMoney e-currency. It indicates exchanger’s rating as well as level of activity in the WebMoney system.
If the exchanger’s BL is not specified, it means that this exchanger doesn’t work with WebMoney currency, doesn’t have WMID (account in the WebMoney system), and this parameter is not applicable to this exchange provider.


Q: I’ve sent money to the exchanger, but the operation is still in process and the transaction time limit has been exceeded. What should I to do?

A: Exchanger’s failure to provide the services in a timely and appropriate manner may have objective reasons. If it happened, we advise you to
be patient. Despite possible delays, most transactions are finished within one hour unless the exchanger’s policy states otherwise. The transaction may take longer if you submitted your exchange request in non-working hours;
Contact the customer support of the exchanger provider you used to perform the currency exchange;
If nothing helps, you can Open dispute ( Clickable Link ) against this exchanger on Getecurrency.Net – leave a negative feedback and specify the ID of your failed transaction. None of the exchangers would want to spoil their ratings – most of them will promptly reply to user complaints and take necessary steps to resolve existing problems.

Q : How can I make sure that the exchanger is trustworthy & Reliable ?

A: There are some factors you should pay attention to

1-Exchanger should use Paid Domain , if exchanger use any free domain you should stay away, also check domain registeration date if it’s new you should know that either exchanger is scammer or just start his service newly .we recommended you to use another exchanger.
2-exchanger is not blacklisted. Search for the exchanger’s domain name (for example, “”) in Google or other search engine and check the results.
3- Check Exchanger review page on to gain needed experience from other users.